Scheduled classes



Beginners Class

This Class is perfect for complete beginners wishing to start exercising after a long break or returning to exercise post injury.


This Class focusses on building core strength and a good alignment. It helps increase mobility, flexibility and postural awareness. Suitable for those who have experience of pilates or partake in regular exercise.

All Pilates Classes help with alignment, gaining better mobility, core strength and stability and flexibility. Working with small pieces of equipment to keep exercises interesting.

Movement to Music - Seated / Standing

Disability and medical conditions hinder movement, this can make it hard to find an exercise class that's inclusive. We want to work with you to keep your mobility functioning in the best way it can. Our classes are designed for seated or standing and everything we do can be adapted to suit your needs. We have experience working with a variety of conditions, including neurological. Music is at the heart of our classes, with the use of small pieces of equipment to keep things interesting. The class, of course, ends with a good cuppa and a chat to encourages social mobility within your week.


Dance cardio fitness in a variety of dance styles using popular music from many genres. Lots of fun tunes to grove to, whilst sweating it out and toning it up! Suitable for all fitness levels.



This is a fast paced class which covers a range of training techniques to get your heart rate pulsing! Circuits, Kettlebells, Resistance weights, mat work, therabands, cardio games. This class is in a fun and supportive environment where we are here to help you get the best out of yourself.

Childrens Stretch and Balance

The perfect class for children to explore how their body moves, gaining strength and flexibility while creating confidence within.

Children's Dance Workshops

A class that focuses on keeping children fit through fresh pop routines. Dance to the latest kid friendly beats!